Loosing Weight After 40

I’m turning 41 in two months…yay…can you detect the hint of sarcasm? I’m the type of person that just hates birthdays. Another year older and deeper in debt. I think most women feel the same way though….we seem to take care of everyone else around us and forget about our own well-being. Several years ago (when I was in my early 30’s), I used to walk every morning with my neighbor. She used to tell me what a struggle it is to lose weight after 40. I would shrug it off, thinking to myself “that’ll never happen to me”. Well, it has…here I am…
Is Losing Weight After 40 Possible?

I used to be able to lose weight so easily. I was one of those people that could slim down as soon as I put my mind to it. So why is it so damn hard to lose weight after 40? I’m eating the same way as I always have and I’m exercising the same.

It turns out our metabolism is the culprit – it slows down as we age meaning that we burn fewer calories than when we were younger. This means that in order to lose weight, we have to adjust our caloric intake. The basic rule of weight loss still applies: burn more calories than you consume. You can create this calorie deficit by either eating less or exercising more, or a combination of both….so yes, basically you have to work harder to lose the same amount of weight as ever before.
How To Lose Weight After 40

Losing weight after 40 is not impossible – it just requires a bit more work and a lot of patience. At this point, you will need a basic understanding of what your basal metabolic rate is. Your BMR is your metabolic rate while you’re at total rest, like sleeping.

This is measured in “calories burned” and accounts for 60%-70% of the total number of calories you burn in a day. Basically, these are the calories that you burn to survive – the number of calories that it takes for you to breathe, digest food, maintain your body temperature, etc…Find out what your BMR is by using an online BMR calculator.

The calculator uses a combination of factors: age, gender, height and activity. This will determine the total amount of calories you burn each day. This number also represents the number of calories you should consume to maintain your current weight. However, if your goal is weight loss, you will need to create a deficit and adjust the number of calories that you consume.
Adjusting Your Calorie Consumption

Regardless of how old you are, in order to lose 1 pound, you need to burn 3500 calories. So if your goal is to lose 1 pound per week, then you would have to create a daily deficit of 500 calories per day.

So if you allow yourself 1500 calories per day, divide this between 4-5 small meals. Frequent meals will keep your metabolism revved up. Eating 300-400 meals is not difficult – it just requires planning. Be sure to track everything that you eat until you get into the swing of things.

Make sure that you choose healthy foods that offer the most nutritional value for the amount of calories that you are allocating to your meals. Choose lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.
Exercising for Weight Loss After 40

For effective weight loss, exercising is just as important as what you feed your body. As we get older, we begin to lose muscle mass which results in a slower metabolism. A regular exercise routine will help slow down muscle loss and can even build more muscle. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be, and you will lose weight quicker.

If you lead a fairly sedentary lifestyle, start with walking. This is an easy exercise that anyone can do and you can gradually increase the time and intensity for more calorie burning. Consider including strength training as part of your exercise routine to maintain and build more muscle mass. This is by far the BEST way to keep your metabolism going for effective weight loss.

Keep in mind that the more active you are, the more you will have to adjust your calorie intake. The more you exercise, the more you may need to increase calories to make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients.

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